We pride ourselves to be Master craftsmen with 4 generations of shoe and boot makers and repairers. Our forefathers travelled from India to Africa making their perilous journey by boats across the seas. They travelled light but carried their tools of trade with them so that they could live off their skills. Their reputation as master craftsmen excelled and famous personalities came to seek their skills.



The crew and cast of the first wildlife movie to be shot in Africa ‘ Hatari’ we’re so impressed with the skills that they sought out these master craftsmen to make and repair their boots. So impressed was John Wayne that he personally wrote the thank the shoemakers for their work.


Younger generations were taught the trade and some moved to the west bring their knowledge to England and USA.
One of the first shoe repair shops in London proudly known as Rawhide has been trading for well over 40 years.
We are well known for our motto ‘ if you wear it, we can fix it. If no one can fix it, we will fix it’
We pride ourselves to still use hands on trade skills taught by our forefathers.
We are famous for repairing shoes for many film sets namely for the Harry Potter films and James Bond films.
We carry out repair work for many costume companies.
We specialise in repairing all leather shoes, boots, dancing shoes, wedding shoes, luggage and garments.

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